Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy 38th Birthday Honey!!

Tom had an incredible birthday this year (or so I think), as compared to last year...anything would be better.

Tom was in Pakistan last year for his birthday.  His staff surprised him at 6 am with a birthday cake at his front door step. (I called and asked for a favor) :)
They were so sweet and Tom was VERY surprised! This part of his day was very special.

 The rest of the day's drama ... we won't discuss. But we will be glad that that birthday and that day is finally over. Right, sweetie?

This birthday however was much better!!! His Mom was here and we celebrated our Italian Night the same night (pictures to come soon). Nonna and I surprised him with a triple layer homemade chocolate cake with a whipped cream filling and Ghiradelli frosting. Pretty exciting! I mention this as it was my first homemade cake. Even though baking in Zim is even harder than Kenya with the altitude, the cakes did not rise as much as they should, but it was still delicious!!  I lit the candles, came out with the cake and we sang Happy Birthday in front of 50 of our new friends. He was not that mad (although I was nervous as you can see from the picture), and everyone was actually disappointed they did not know it was his actual birthday. 

Since the kids did not get a chance to sing Happy Birthday, Mom made vanilla cupcakes with some homemade vanilla frosting (Tom's favorite) and we had another chance to wish that amazing father and wonderful husband Happy Birthday again. 

To many more WONDERFUL birthdays sweetie.
We love you!!


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Anonymous said...

Gee, Heather, only 50 new friends? You guys are slacking... LOL!! Hope you had a Happy Birthday Tom!