Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring is Here!!!

We spent a fun Easter with Daddy and the family!

I absolutely love this picture. I dont care what the grandparents say, its going in a frame at our house.
Happy Easter! :)

Then we took a trip to Charleston to visit Nonne and Aunt Alexis at the Beach!

We also went on Hannah's last field trip for school to the
Chattachooche Nature Center
Although we should have called it Chase's field trip as he was front and center next to the guide the whole time- leading the pack. Where was Hannah you ask? Slowly walking behind the group asking Daddy and I to hold her.  Was not as intrigued, but as you can see....had fun with her friends.

Hannah with her teachers, Mrs. Howard and Mrs. Burn... and friends

Hannah's Pre-school class

We had a really fun week this week and enjoyed every minute with all of our different families. 
Yes, this was in all ONE week!!

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