Friday, May 20, 2011

And in a blink of an eye...

...he was back on that plane. 

This time however, it is the last goodbye...for a very...very...very long time.  I can not tell you the joy it brings me in knowing ...we are almost there! We had an amazing three weeks together, as I am sure you have seen from the recent blogs. It was BEYOND busy and went by entirely too fast, but at least now we can say...this is it!! And the faster he gets the rest of this "job" over with, the faster he comes home!!!

Yeah! Daddy's Home!!!!

We had such a busy few weeks, it was over in a flash.  But we are here now, a few weeks down and a few more weeks to go. Thank goodness!! Below are a few extra pics of our fun times.
We're almost there honey...ALMOST THERE!!!

Daddy Highlights...

Daddy brought the kids some pretty neat presents from Pakistan. Chase got a whole cricket outfit. Too cool! They both LOVED them and had to try them on immediately!
Daddy also came home with a pretty full beard, but in only one day...shaved it (for Justin's wedding) and the rest is history.  Sorry honey, but thank goodness!! I just love seeing that face! :)

Chase trying to be just like his Daddy with the Lawnmower

Hannah showing Daddy some ballet moves before class!
Daddy's Girl? Yes!! 100%!! :)

Hurry Home Sweetheart, this is it!! We Love you!!!

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