Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shower Blogging

I'm just calling this one Shower Blogging. Why? Because I seriously write emails, blogs, and even make lists of phone calls I need to the 5 minute shower I get; ummm...every other day.  If its longer, my blogs are longer, my emails longer, etc. So, if any of you read this and wonder why I haven't written...dont worry, I HAVE!!! Ha Ha I suppose when your only free minutes seem to be during a shower or when you pretend to go pee and lock yourself in the bathroom (yes, I have done this)...your mind tends to wonder about the things you would really LIKE to do. I have also written a few books in there too. Ha I mean, when the world makes a shower ipad...I will be set!! (Jill, did you say this same thing? I cant remember, but if so...thanks for the line. Ha)

So, to recap you on the series of events that have been going on over the last month or so, I will sum it up in this blog update.

We went to the Barnum and Baileys Funundrum Circus! It was surprisingly entertaining and even the grandparents had a good time- I think.  Chase was a little mesmerized and stunned for the first half, but then after I bought him a sword, he was fine. Oh, the things you do. Hannah took her little neighbor friend from across the street, Sabrina. They had fun, got a pretty little pony and we were happy as two kids in a candy shop.  It was fun, but I will probably go ahead and just check that box....for a while!!!

The Circus:

Left: Gam Gam, Papa Andy, Papa Scott, Hannah, Chase and Sabrina

Hannah's Half Bday:
Hannah celebrated a Half Birthday (at school)! When you have a summer birthday, they allow you to pick any day before the school year ends so they kids still get a chance to celebrate with their school friends. Its a cute idea and I think Hannah loved it. She is however a little confused as to when her actual birthday is. By the way, its actually June 30th.  :)

Mommy brought Tinkerbell cupcakes which Hannah helped me make and strawberry frosting. We also brought some cookies and little Easter bags for the kids. I got to hang in the class while they celebrated which was fun and check out the other kids too. It was great!

Hannah with friends at school for her half-bday and also helping frost and make the cupcakes too! :)

Father's Night with Uncle Justin:
Uncle Justin, the wonderful Uncle that he is, took Hannah to her first Father's Night at school. They had a blast coloring, having fun and eating snacks. He said this was Hannah's favorite part. Ha But they had fun and Hannah loved going, taking him along and showing him off to her friends! Thanks Uncle Justin!!!

Papa's Visit:

We also got to see my Papa, my Dad's Dad, last month for a short visit from Tennessee. So glad he got to see the kids and they got to see their great Papa! Hopefully we will see him again before we leave!

By the way...Daddy is coming home in 3 days for his second and LAST R&R!! We are all so very excited! We just cant wait!
See you soon Daddy!!! :)

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