Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Bithday Sweet Hannah!

     Hannah's Party Dress

Happy 4th Birthday Hannah Banana!
June 30th

We had a small birthday bash a few weeks ago for Hannah's fourth birthday.  We wanted to invite friends, but just couldn't get it together in enough time so once again...the family rules. :) I think all in all, she loved the Princess Tiana theme she picked out and enjoyed everyone doting on her.  It was a joy to watch her as she has grown so much over the past year. 

She truly misses her sweet girlfriends from Kenya and talks of them daily. However, once school starts here I am sure she will still speak of them fondly instead of having her occasional sad moments.  About every other day she asks to go back to home (to Kenya) to be with her friends. It truly breaks my heart. But these are the lessons we have brought upon our sweet Hannah and with challenge brings... triumph.  What a trooper!

Just recently Hannah got upset that I would not give her a chocolate fudge pop. Instead, she could only have a fruit pop. Go ahead, I am a horrible Mom. Ha  So when she broke down in her tears that she could not have the fudge pop, I told her sorry, this is all we are having now.  She then ran over to me and hugged me.  I said honey, I am really sorry. She said, "Mommy, I am not crying about the fudge pop, I am crying because I have never had a friend like you."  I was like...what did you say honey? Why are you saying that? She said, I just love you and I have never had a friend like you. This by far, one of the sweetest things she has ever said (even though she knew she was manipulating me- ha), melted my heart and will forever be a lasting moment of my sweet Hannah.  I mean, I probably should have just given her the fudge pop after that sweet comment, right? :)  While the kids ate their fruit pops, I told Tom what Hannah had said and how sweet it was. She then said to Daddy, I have never had a friend like you either Daddy. :) Too sweet.

Hannah's crazy "three" moments consist of dressing up...EVERY day! If not in a dress, then glass slippers but always, and I mean always jewelry and her phone. If we do not have the (pretend) phone when going on outings or even outside to play or go for a walk, ALL IS LOST. She is quite the character and when I said destined for great things...acting is sure to be in her future. She is hilarious and plays her characters very well! She gets very upset if you go off her current pretend play situation and are not in your own character, a severe pout to last all of five minutes is sure to make its way out. Oh the joys of a now four year old.

Birthday Party Pics:

(Before we sang, being persistent about NOT SINGING and then getting upset and little brother wanting to help)

The Princess Tiana Party Guests:
Uncle Justin, Aunt Christin, Nonne, Papa Andy and Papa Scott

Gam Gam, Gidu, Aunt Marsha and Uncle Ralph

Chase, Aunt Christin and Aunt Alexis

(Hannah and Chase pulling the princess pinata strings.)

Hannah, you are an absolute ham, a dreamer, a princess, a movie star that is sure to be in films one day and an absolute sweetheart. I am the luckiest Mom in the world and love that you get my shoes out of my closet EVERY day (by the way, so does Chase-ha), try to put my make up on and want to be like Mommy or maybe you just want to be like Hannah Montana.  Regardless, I love it!

Hannah's current Favorites:

Her current favorite song is by Ke$ha, "Your love is my drug". She sings the chorus like this, Get up, Get up, Get up...Give it a try.  The song actually goes, Your Love, Your Love, Your Love...is  my drug.  If you are wondering if this is an appropriate song for a four year old to listen to, you are probably correct. It may not the best song, but since she thinks the lyrics are what they are, we will let her listen to it and just keep her very upbeat and positive lyrics for now.  :)

But all in honesty the song cant be too much worse than the other Rhodes family favorite, Break your heart
 by Taio Cruz and Ludacris.

(These links are for those of you who want to know what a four year old listens to and also for my friends in Kenya to add to their ipod lists!)

Favorite Shows: Fresh Beat Band, Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana...DON'T ASK! I mean, we still have the occasional cartoon. :( Is this what happens...AT 4????

Happy Birthday sweetie...we love you!

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