Friday, April 9, 2010

There's an Echo...

There is an echo in this empty house that is a bit scary at times, but finally after four days the house has been packed up and is being moved to it's final destination (we hope!).   
The move went surprisingly well and the moving people in Kenya did an amazing job.  They said me being the over obsessive freak and hanging signs everywhere were actually very helpful. I placed signs all over the house saying, DONT TOUCH, UAB to ATLANTA, HHE to ATLANTA, HHE to PAKISTAN and then DONT TOUCH again and again.  But, they loved it and to my surprise everything went very smooth.  They were a bit annoyed at times I am sure when I kept checking, saying are you SURE this is going to Atlanta?  They said Yes Mam, we are sure.  So, I guess all we can do now is wait and see.

Tom's Shipment to Pakistan (Before)

Tom's shipment to Pakistan (After)

The kids have been handling it all very well except for the breakdown Hannah had when she came home last night to an empty playroom. However, it only lasted 10 minutes and now she is fine.  With the help of my amazing housekeeper Florence, the kids have been well taken care of playing with their friends out of the house, while I sat here with the movers...organizing, checking boxes and doing the occassional double check on shipments. is wonderful to have fulltime help!!

Tom is currently crazy finalizing everything he needs to do to wrap everything up here at post.  We have some wonderful friends giving us a going away party tomorrow night so we are looking forward to seeing everyone and having a good time but of course, not saying goodbye. 

Say la Vee!

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