Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Masai Mara and The Great Migration

Our trip with Uncle Justin and Christin to the Masai Mara in October...

We were able to see Over 500,000 Wildebeests moving across the waters and through 1000's of acres in the Masai Mara. It is no wonder some call it one of the great wonders of the world. It was incredible!

Zebras, The Sunset and a panoramic view of an Elephant, wildebeests and hundreds of additional wildebeests in the background.

A beautiful site of a lion cub reaching her family, a lion after a fresh zebra kill and more lions hanging out in the shade. We saw all three groups at different times throughout the trip.

A lion looking fierce (really he was just yawning) and the Mommy with her cub. So sweet!


Elephants and Giraffes!

Water Buck, a crocodile with a kill and a beautiful breathtaking and rare site for some, a cheetah.

A Lynx , Water Buffalo and a Rhino

The last site of our trip and probably the most exciting, the Leopard. He is in the tree with his kill hanging in the top upper corner of the tree (most likely a deer or zebra). We waited all morning before our flight left to catch one and we were unbelievably lucky with the spotting of two. Most go there whole time in Kenya without seeing a Leopard. It was pretty incredible and an absolute wonderful ending to our amazing journey through the Mara.

Thanks again Uncle Justin and Aunt Christin!
We Love You!

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