Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Fun

I know I am way behind on updates, but at least this blog is only a week or two, ok maybe three weeks behind. I promise (as I always say), I will be better and am sending another blog update...soon. We have had lots going on; Uncle Justin and Aunt Christin came to visit & Papa Andy and Papa Scott came to visit in the last few months. It has been fun!

Daddy and Chase carving the pumpkin. Chase LOVING getting his hands all dirty and Hannah behind them observing quietly as to not get her dress messed up.

The kids had two times to trick or treat. They went once at our compound with 20 homes at 4 pm and then again at the larger compound of over 80 homes at 6:30. They had a blast though and surprisingly hung out til the end, around 8:30 and then we made our way back home. Chase was covered from head to toe in food coloring due to the large amount of M&Ms he ate. Hannah on the other hand, didn't have a stain on her. She really is so very Fancy! So, for now, to hold you all over with some pictures of the is some Halloween fun.

Chase as a Sock Monkey and Hannah as Fancy Nancy. :)

As a side note: Mom is now Hannah's class Mom for her class. If anyone knows me well enough, you know I am a procrastinator and this stands still today and with Hannah's class projects too. Go figure? Anyway, I stayed up until 2 am getting ready to do Halloween for Hannah's whole pre-school, over 6o kids. It seemed to be a pretty fun day for the pre-schoolers and I think they had fun. I mean, I hope!! They do know how much I put into this thing, right? Ha

Left and Right, Bags and Bags of popcorn I made home made ( Ok, my housekeeper made it, BUT I still stuffed 80 Bags) until 2 am. :) Also, the crafts the kids did on that day in each classroom. They made trick or treat bags, little ghosts with balloons, spiders with styrofoam balls and had a pin the mouth on the pumpkin game.

In the middle: The kids gathered with the Halloween bags they made after trick or treating to three of the classrooms.

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