Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hannah's First Day of Pre-School

Hannah's first day of Pre-School was overwhelmingly difficult for me. Tom was in Gabon at the time (in West Africa) on a TDY and I felt like this whole life changing event was happening to me...alone. However, after stressing all night and writing in my journal to express my fears, excitement, and anxiety I realized, it wasn't that bad.

It is only a half day from 9 am to 12:30 pm. She has a friend there that lives here on the compound with us and she seems to have an absolute ball! The first day was difficult dropping her off but I was good and only cried in the car, not in front of her. She definitely shed some tears; however, the teacher told me that they didn't last but more than a few minutes.
She continued to do the same routine every day for the first few weeks. She was excited about going to school and getting ready for school but when we would get in the car Hannah would say, "You are not going to leave me when we get to school, right?" It broke my heart every time.

After 3 weeks, she doesn't get too upset when I drop her off anymore and I am obviously over all my stress of my first child attending school. For me the comfort lies in the fact that she is home for half the day. Now I just have to prepare myself for Kindergarten and
of course Chase. : (

Hannah at the house getting ready with her new Ariel backpack and then arriving at school.

Hannah's second day of school. It was sports day and she had to wear her cute sports uniform. Obviously, she loved it. :)

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