Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy BELATED New Year!

What a year we have had this year.  Its been pretty crazy...and seriously FUN!!
I, being the bad blogger that I am, have still been working on my SUMMER R&R blog as I wanted it to be full of fun magical details WITH PICTURES of course, but have not quite finished it (due to ZImbabwe troubles). And now I have already sent updates on our WINTER R&R (due to first world Internet- thank you!). But since I have been back- the Internet again, has not even allowed me to finish the rest or our fun European vacation. It is so frustrating! I feel bad, as it is my personal goal to keep this thing updated for you and for me, but that is just the way it goes sometimes.  That is also just the way it goes in the THIRD WORLD- and this is something I must quickly get over. Ha! And soon enough... I will.
We have four more months left in this beautiful country, in this beautiful home and with some very special friends. I am hoping we will get out to see a few more new places before we head back to the USA. We, as I am sure you can imagine, have already started our house hunting venture in Virginia.  I must say, trying to start with unknown areas you have never seen before and narrow it down can become daunting to say the least, but eventually we will get there.  It is especially hard moving to an area you know nothing about and honestly, much harder than moving overseas!!! Literally, a world of difference. (excuse the pun). Ha
We have looked back on what has been a fun and exciting year with so much joy.  We had some tough times and some sad times, as most families do- but we made it to 2013 and hopefully this year will be even better! Coming back to the USA is more than we could ask for and will truly make this year (2013) ... COMPLETE. 
Due to the fact that we did not send Christmas cards out this year (my apologies) and it is now almost March (Ha Ha) - Hope all of you had a wonderful 2012!  Wishing you all a VERY BELATED, happy and prosperous 2013!

A recap of a few of our fun family outings this year!
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Charleston, South Carolina

Eastern Highlands, Zimbabwe

Halloween- Zimbabwe

Rudesheim, Germany

Lofer, Austria
All I can do is smile and laugh remembering ALL the fun trips and adventures we have had this past year. I feel so extremely blessed.
Love you all!


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