Saturday, September 8, 2012

Deep Thoughts by Chase

August 29, 2012
We were driving through downtown Harare to get to the Embassy. It was a little bit of a different route as I had to stop for gas and don't normally have to do that downtown. I normally go to the Embassy warehouse- which was NOT close. Needless to say, It was a new route.

(C) Mommy...what happened to this place?
What do you mean?
(C) Look at all the people everywhere, what are they doing?
(we were passing a grocery store that the locals go to)
Well honey, this is where local people shop and buy their groceries, this is where the Zimbabweans go.
(C) But look...everything is broken. The trees are broken, the leaves are broken, the streets are broken,
I know honey, this is just how things are here.

Chase replies: This Place is Messed Up!

Yes honey...yes it is.

September 2, 2012
(C) I'm going to do all my chores. If I do all my chores, then I can get a skateboard, right?
Yes- once you earn enough money
(C) One with wheels...right?
Yes, one with wheels
(C) Then I will be cool. 
Oh, are you cool if you have a skateboard?
(C) Yes, if I'm cool then girls will fall in love with me.
Who told you that?

(C) Justin Bieber has a skateboard and he will get a girlfriend and never let them go.
 That's my Chase! :)

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