Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just can’t help but wonder…why?

Just when I thought things were going ok…I lose it. I’m freaking out over a minimum of 1000 pictures, everyone’s phone numbers and a tad bit of my sanity...lost. I finally went to plug in my iphone to the desktop so I could sync things up since I have been here for 6 months- pictures, music, videos, etc. And guess what… the computer did NOT like that! It synced it up all right, back to August 2011. So every picture, every video, every note and every phone number is now gone. Unless of course YOU, the person reading this, know anyway how to reverse this??? I have been trying to call apple since this morning, but of course they are not open yet…and this is when it leads me to a teeny tiny little breakdown. Why? Not a why me, just simply… why?

Why is it that every time I go to get on the internet on my laptop I get that little “x” in the corner which means - internet down. My frustration with this is …it’s the only place I can type. You might ask, well you have a desktop, right? Yes I do. I have a desktop and upon opening it when we arrived, the new wireless keyboard we just bought decided NOT to work. So although I can use the mouse to move around pages, I cannot type. So, when I want to send a message other than a short text type message which is shortened and has horribly abbreviated words, I have to get on my laptop. Which leads me to the current situation I am in and why I am now having to write this blog on WORD, instead of just writing it directly to my blog.

This and the LACK of internet drive me to drink at night! Ha
Why is it that every time I decide to download pictures to share them with the outside world, my power goes out? Therefore negating the 45 minutes I just waited for those 10 pictures to download. Why?

Why is that every time Chase wakes up early – Hannah sleeps in, and when Hannah wakes up early- Chase sleeps in? Why is it that I can’t find freaking cayenne pepper anywhere in Harare, Zimbabwe?? Why is that as soon as I sit down to write in my blog or to just “sit” I hear my name screamed down the hall….
M A M A…..M A M A. That answer is …I’m a Mom and as Hannah puts it, Chase NEEDS me.
I could probably sit and ponder this all day, but I know the answer. The answer is…life. Life, God, whomever it is or might be gives you challenges so you keep on trying. Throws you curves balls, to see which way you go. Its why we are here really, otherwise it might be a tad bit boring don’t you think? Now those of you who know me, know me well and know I have had a whole hell of a lot thrown my way, so I’m not complaining, just … venting. Deep Breath….Ahhhhh. Because sometimes, it’s just good to get out and just say…EErrrghhh!

Written at 3:36 pm Jan. 10th Zim time

Sent at : 11:30 am Jan. 11th

So after two hours of actual phone time with the extremely nice Apple people as well as supervisors to "try" and find my pictures, there was no such luck. So, Im back at square one. Reevaluating why I take so many darn pictures in the first place, tyring hard not to think about all those precious moments and videos on the phone and maybe, for once- relax.  Maybe this time, I will take more mental pictures, as I try and do sometimes, and actually enjoy the moment. Who knows WHY things happen, but they do.

In the meantime...send me your numbers!!! :)


Jill said...

Your blog is linked in the FS Blog RoundUp.

Spectrummy Mummy said...

Visiting from the all new FS BRU! We're in Johannesburg, and I feel your internet frustrations. I definitely miss the speed we had back in the states. Nice to "meet" you. :)