Tuesday, March 31, 2009


When we arrived on our compound eight months ago, some friends actually said they had seen monkeys in their backyard. I could not even imagine such a thing and was so excited to think that we could also have this amazing siting up close and personal too. Well, since that day, basically the moment I got to Africa, I have been waiting to say I have seen a monkey. Now I can actually say I have not only seen monkey, but I have seen one in our BACK YARD!!

I was up early one morning and heard something on the roof. I looked outside and on our layered roof top, was a an actual monkey, staring at me! I called Piper over to take a look and thought she would love seeing this new animal. She did not see the monkey, but the monkey did see her! I ran as fast as I could to get the camera, but when I got back the monkey was gone. It was clearly the highlight of my day, week and month, if you can not tell. I mean, how often do you get a chance to say you saw a monkey on your patio?

Below are a few pictures of some monkeys we have seen over the past few months.


(above) Monkeys that lived at the Tea Farm House
This was my first up close and personal with a monkey (in the wild). As you can see, the mirror of our car is in the corner, it was close and we got even closer. These monkeys would wait in the parking lot at the national park where there were restrooms (covered holes in the ground), because there was food (and people would give it to them). So they pretty much were like begging stray dogs, it was very strange. They were sitting at your feet propped up just waiting. My Mom had a cigarette and they actually grabbed (Yes, swatted there hands) at it thinking it was food. If I didn't have such crappy Internet, I could actually download the video of part of the experience below.
At first the experience was surreal until one of them jumped on our car. Hannah was inside waiting for us (no doors were open thank God!), but the windows were cracked and we standing outside the car stretching our legs. I ran over trying to get to the door because he was leaning into the cracked window. I looked up and saw his BLOODY nose...oh yes, a wild monkey with a bloody nose (in Africa!!!) was on our car trying to get inside with our daughter in the car alone!!
Basically this did it for my monkey sitings (besides the one at our house).
This was way more than I needed. GROSS!!!!
The funny part is that Hannah still remembers this story and brings it up every time I mention anything about seeing a monkey. She remembers me yelling and screaming trying to get the monkey off the car. I was trying to get in the car in enough time to turn the engine on and roll up the windows. She sat in the back (watching her dvd) patient and calm saying Mom, the monkey will not hurt you. It will be ok. I tried to act calm and said, oh, I know honey (as the thoughts of all the diseases that thing was carrying rolled through my head). Yuck!

The hind shot of a very large Baboon!

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