Monday, February 2, 2009

Gam Gam came to visit!!

Lake Nakuru National Park

Gam Gam (what Hannah calls my Mom) came to visit us for holidays. She had a great time with the kids since she has not seen them since August. And oh how Chase and Hannah have grown and changed since then. WOW!!!

We also had fun going on some trips to the Nairobi National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park and Crescent Island in Hell's Gate National Park. We also had lots of fun shopping around at some local markets and just playing with the kids. Below are a few pictures from the visit.

Thanks for everything Gam Gam, we miss you already! At Hannah's request, please bring Gidu with you next time you come to visit! :)

(top) a view of Lake Nakuru, (above) our room with an incredible view of the whole park. And as you can see Chase really enjoyed it from his pak n play.

Crescent Island at Hell's Gate National Park (note Giraffe in background), we walked with the animals...a true Jurassic Park adventure.

My Mom and I visited a local Tea Farm. We went to a home of an old British couple who have had the home since the 1800's (from their grandparents). We sipped tea and ate crumpets, had lunch, toured their farm (this is only half the view of their acres) and enjoyed the view, the animals and monkeys that lived at their home.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures...

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